Our project Sidra Musalla has been nominated for Albdulatif Al Fozan award for mosque architecture. The award is targeting the architectural, urban, and technical aspects of mosques all over the world. The winning mosques will be awarded based on assessment of the international jurors experienced with mosque architecture. The nominated candidates are categorized into: central mosques, Jumaa’ mosques and local mosques.

Our nominated project Sidra Musalla is located within the precinct of Sidra Medical & Research Centre of Education City in Doha, Qatar. The mosque is connected to the Hospital and Clinic provided as a daily prayer hall for both staff and visitors alike. The design concept intends to emphasize the pureness of its cubicle form with its main mass seemingly `lifted’ off the ground and hovering over the water feature at its base by the creative use of frameless glass in contrast with the bulk massiveness of concrete and stone. The building is finished with pure stone cladding devoid of any unnecessary ornamentation. Lines are crisp and linear both internally and externally – Always with the focus on the purity of form and function. Inside, the main prayer hall is bathed in the ethereal glow of the diffused daylight shining from the skylight above. The Musalla provides a peaceful place of worship and contemplation amidst the busy daily operations of the Clinic and Hospital components.