Design Philosophy

IJAE draws on the strengths of a unique architectural methodology, established by Ibrahim M. Jaidah himself. Its essence is to deliver world class state of the art designs with the standard of excellence, and, where appropriate, the firm preserves and articulates traditional architecture while ensuring that each design offers the client a functional space tailored to their needs and design brief. The firm’s approach is grounded by deep research in the search for contextually appropriate solutions and culture continuity. Special emphasis is given to climate, scale, and sustainability – and, as a result, IJAE has been chosen numerous times to create landmark projects.

We built our firm the same way we build our client’s projects: from ground up…

Our deep heritage roots are the beating heart of our future and we learned to adapt to changes and challenges from our ancestors. Our heritage is our proud identity from which we start our design inspiration. The cultural and heritage projects specifically are driven by traditional concepts emphasized by the client’s vision and designed with a modern mentality.

We believe and take pride in ensuring the continuity of heritage and cultural projects in a modern innovative and sustainable design with new technologies. The celebrate the future by passing our proud architectural heritage to the younger generations.