National Bank of Oman Headquarters

Muscat, Oman

Client: National Bank of Oman
Built up area: 50,000m²
Scope: Design & Supervision
Status: Completed (2017)
Collaboration: LOM

The building is occupying a total built up area of approx. 50,000m², occupying a large number of functions and featuring an imposing entrance with a landscaped plaza, shaded structure for VIP drop off, reception area, head office branch, retail banking, 24 hour banking, corporate and high net worth facilities, an active central atrium with panoramic elevators, auditorium, open plan office accommodation, executive offices, a boardroom suite, archiving facility, private underground car parking (for staff), staff cafeteria and a data centre.

Inspired by the Sultanate’s natural topography and rugged landscape, this contemporary and contextual iconic landmark in Muscat embodies the country’s rich culture and heritage, aiming to represent a strong sense of identity and belonging.

The building form is unique in its complexity and articulation. The engineering of the building incorporates a high degree of resilience, reflecting the bank’s requirements for security, business continuity and data centre protection.

Natural Omani stone is combined with a high quality precast panel system for the building façade and envelope construction enhancing and complementing the building form. The structure changes at each floor level to create a natural, stepped appearance rising from a roughhewn base to a clean, distinctive parapet line. Omani stone is also used in large, deep blocks at the base to portray the qualities of a natural landform. Plant life is provided at raised terraces across the building in order to form a connection with the surrounding landscape.

The heart of the design is the feature ‘Wadi’ atrium, a unique and stunning space inspired by traditional Omani architecture harmoniously reflecting to its context and culture. Apart from its excellent and sustainable design, the NBO new head office is designed to be prestigious and memorable, and to meet the primary needs of its users.

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