AEB strongly believes in the importance of contributing to the growth of the country in the educational sector. With this in mind, the firm is actively involved with Qatari educational institutions that focus on the designed environment.

Scholarships and Grants

AEB sponsors awards to graduating students at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. This not only rewards talented students for their hard work throughout the course, but also encourages entrepreneurship. The recipients of the award represent the present generation, embodying AEB’s vision: pursuit for academic excellence, and support to Qatar’s educational sector.


With close working relationships with Virginia Commonwealth University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Georgetown University in Qatar, AEB is proud to have been asked to assist both in designing relevant course programmes (which have a focus on Gulf architecture and the regional and cultural customs), and by organising lectures and exhibitions.


AEB strongly supports local, regional and international internship placement programmes.This is part of the firm’s continuing commitment to sharing its vast experiences and knowledge with a young and enthusiastic generation of architects and designers. The practice has accommodated internship placements for students from Canada, France, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Tunisia, Oman, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. The internship programme is designed to allow students to gain hands-on experience and to implement what they have learnt in school. It also gives them an opportunity to be exposed to as many different disciplines as possible to get a better sense of the “real world”.